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How do I go about renting the APGFCU Arena?

If you are interested in renting space, please review our spaces, rental policies, and the rate sheets posted on our website. Then, complete a rental inquiry form on our website telling us about your event. We will then review your inquiry and determine if it could be added. No matter our determination, you will receive correspondence from us. If your event can be added to our schedule, your event will be placed on "hold" on our master schedule. We will send you a contract to sign. A deposit will be required. Upon having a signed agreement, your event will be added to our website. You will be contacted by the Arena's Event Coordinator to finalize event preparation and scheduling. After the event, you will receive the final invoice.

Is a deposit required?

Yes, a 25% nonrefundable deposit of the estimated contract total is due at the time of signing the facility rental agreement.

Is event insurance required?

Yes, a certificate of insurance is a requirement. Specifically the contract requires: CLIENT shall provide a copy of its certificate of insurance naming Harford Community College as additionally insured, in the amount of $3,000,000 in the Aggregate and umbrella, $1,000,000 Per Occurrence for bodily injury, including death, and for property damage, covering injuries to persons or damage to property in or about Harford Community College or occurring in the course of or as a result of the exercise of the Privileges. The certificate shall provide that the insurance carrier will give advance notice to the COLLEGE of any termination, cancellation or discontinuance or modification in coverage of the insurance. The insurance policy must be received by Harford Community College (Attn: Stacy Rutherford) at least ten (10) days in advance of the event date. Failure to provide the insurance policy may result in the event being cancelled.

Do you offer nonprofits a discount on facility rental?

Yes, registered 501c3 non-profit organizations are offered a 30% discount on facility rental, however this discount does not apply to labor charges, equipment rental, and other charges.

If my event requires ticket sales, how is this handled?

Under no circumstance should tickets be sold without a signed agreement between the COLLEGE and CLIENT. At this time, it is not required by the COLLEGE for the CLIENT to utilize the COLLEGE’s ticketing sales system. If the CLIENT chooses to use the COLLEGE’s system, the CLIENT will incur the following costs: $20 set up charge, an administrative fee of $1 per ticket sold will be deducted from the CLIENT’s ticket sales to the COLLEGE, as well as any credit card charges incurred by the COLLEGE will be passed onto the CLIENT. Tickets can be purchased online at www.APGFCUarena.edu, phone by calling 443.412.2211, in person at 401 Thomas Run Road Bel Air, MD in the Chesapeake Building during business hours or at the event one (1) hour prior to show time, if available. COLLEGE box office staff can be available for gate sales for $25 per hour per person upon the request of the CLIENT (3 hour minimum). When using the COLLEGE’s ticketing system, utilizing COLLEGE box office staff for gate sales is mandatory. Public ticket prices are set by CLIENT. If sales run through the COLLEGE, a final check will be issued within 10 business days from the conclusion of the event. CLIENT must contact (443) 412-2036 to make prior arrangements for ticketing.

If the CLIENT utilizes another ticketing sales service, the CLIENT must provide their seating chart for the event in advance of opening ticket sales for the COLLEGE’s review and approval. The CLIENT is responsible for any costs associated with updating or revising their seating manifest.

What caterers may I use for my event?

COLLEGE restricts all off-site food and drink from entering the Arena This includes, but is not limited to, food brought in by event patrons, hospitality and catering needs for employees, artists, contractors, and volunteers during load-in and load-out periods, as well as the event’s duration, and concessions. All food and drink needs must be provided through the COLLEGE’s Dining Services Department.

What is your alcohol policy?

Harford Community College holds a beer and wine license with a finite number of event day uses annually. Uses of the license are at the sole discretion of the COLLEGE. Alcohol cannot be sold under another license holder or One-Day Special Event Licenses on COLLEGE property. Individuals are not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages onto or carry from the COLLEGE premises. Alcohol cannot be sold at a student sporting event or an event that is sponsored by students. Usage fees may apply. Once approved, arrangements are coordinated and billed through the COLLEGE’s Dining Services department.

Where will my guests park?

Patrons will not be charged for the right to park on premises for this event. The CLIENT may not charge for parking. The COLLEGE makes no guarantee that adequate parking will be available for all patrons. Patrons must park in designated lined spaces. Patrons must display a DMV-issued handicap placard or handicap tag(s) when parking in designated accessible parking spaces. A convenient drop-off/pick-up area is located at the main entrance of the APGFCU Arena. Additionally, with advanced notice, special arrangements can be made for drop-off/pick up of guests with special needs in the rear of the building allowing entry on the arena floor level. A parking map is available on this website for your reference.
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